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Benefits of A Patent

A patent is the intellectual property right granted to inventors through the US Government. An inventor has the option of securing a utility patent, a design patent, or a plant patent, depending on what they have created. A patent guarantees another person cannot make, use, or sell the invention in the US. The patent holder essentially has a limited monopoly on the invention and possesses the exclusive rights to the original work.

5 Benefits Of A Patent

Once a patent is issued to you, you have full protection over your invention or idea for a specific amount of time, as determined by the patent you filed for. The benefits of a patent are:

  • Prevent others from developing and selling the same invention
  • Value increases over time
  • Incur license fees from others using the invention
  • A patent portfolio may increase your value in the eyes of potential investors and buyers
  • Market your projects as patented products

Security for your invention is a huge incentive to apply for a benefit, but as you can see, financial benefits accompany a patent, too.

Contact a Dallas Patent Attorney for Help

If you have devoted time and energy to developing a new invention, it is likely time to apply for a patent. The Dallas patent attorneys with Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., have the experience and knowledge necessary to correctly apply for your patent in a timely manner. Filing a patent is extremely time sensitive, and we assure you that, if we represent you, our patent attorneys will prioritize your case and give your patent application the diligent attention it deserves. Contact our offices today at (214) 317-4448 to discuss your intellectual property inquiries today.