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Copyright Law and the Author’s Rights

The U.S. Copyright Act provides an invaluable way for writers, musicians, and other artists to protect their creative work from being unlawfully used. Even though these laws are in place, many individuals continue to infringe upon other’s creative work and even go so far as to use it for their own benefit.

While some rights are awarded to creative works automatically, registering a work with the copyright office of the United States means that not only will your creative pieces have more extensive protection, but that you will be able to take legal action against parties who use your work without permission.

Author’s Rights under the Copyright Law

The author is given a number of rights under the copyright law related to their work, which include:

  • The right to reproduce the copyrighted work
  • The right to produce derivative works of the copyrighted piece
  • The right to distribute copies of the copyrighted work
  • The right to perform and display the copyrighted work publicly
  • The rights to sound recordings of the copyrighted work

These rights are essential to a creator’s ability to protect his or her works from being used without their knowledge, making registering with the copyright office an important tool for artists and authors. An experienced copyright attorney can help you further protect your work by offering guidance throughout the registration process.

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