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Most Common Counterfeited Products

Intellectual property can be protected by applying and receiving a number of legal designations. Through trademarks, copyrights, and patents, an individual or business can protect their original innovations from replication. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for intellectual property to be stolen and sold under another person or company’s name. These false products, or counterfeit goods, cost around $250 billion in lost revenue globally each year. The profitability of counterfeit goods and cheaper selling price causes these false products to create a booming black market, harming the original copyright or patent owners.

Top Five Counterfeited Goods

Luxury items are some of the most commonly counterfeited products in the United States. The false designer labels for cheap prices appeal to a large market. However, the falsified labels and physical product designs infringe on the legal copyright and trademark rights of the patent holder. The most commonly counterfeited items include the following:

  • Purses/Wallets
  • Electronics/Electronic Parts
  • Watches/Jewelry
  • Clothing Apparel/Accessories
  • Pharmaceuticals

While the infringement of intellectual property can have devastating consequences for the original owner, consumers of counterfeit products also suffer. These items generally become damaged or easily broken goods due to the poor construction quality. The deception of forged goods may also result in serious financial loss to consumers under the impression that the product is of designer brand or quality, thus losing money through purchase of less valuable merchandise.

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