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Dallas Patent Application Lawyers

Creating a new invention can be exciting, but can also mean facing the challenge of protecting your work. One of the best ways to protect your invention is through a patent application through the United States government. A patent grants the owner the right to exclude others from making, selling, or using their invention. While extremely useful, a patent application can also be confusing and frustrating to navigate alone, making the assistance of an experienced attorney essential.

How an Attorney can help with a Patent Application

A patent application often requires extensive paperwork, along with a number of other steps that may become difficult quickly. A patent lawyer can help you through the application process by:

  • Helping you gather records of your invention
  • Ensuring that your invention qualifies for patent protection
  • Assessing any further uses of your invention
  • Conducting a patent search
  • Preparing your application with the USPTO
  • Addressing any questions or concerns you may have

With a patent, you can protect your invention from being stolen by others as well as increase the value of your creation. At Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., our attorneys have the knowledge that is essential to make sure your patent application is prepared and filed correctly so you can move forward with your invention.

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