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Protecting Your Trademark on Social Media

The interconnectivity of today’s world allows businesses to promote and advertise their brands beyond traditional spaces. Social networking sites in particular have grown exponentially in membership. However, this increased capacity to reach consumers is often accompanied by many potential problems. With the large number of fake or fraudulent accounts on many sites, it is important to make sure your brand or trademark is protected on the Web. If not, the integrity of your company could be compromised and your public reputation seriously affected.

Social Media Threats

Major threats currently found on today’s social media platforms that may lead to brand dilution or trademark infringement are:

  • Unauthorized pages: third parties may incorporate your trademark into their web content
  • Fake social media accounts: look-a-alike accounts can use your name or logo and participate in fraudulent activity
  • Counterfeit activity: Links to counterfeit material in the marketplace and digital scams are distributed on social networking sites

Unauthorized content regarding your brand may damage your reputation, and you want to protect your brand at all costs. Monitoring all social media posts, mentions, and traces of infringement are critical in order to maintain a powerful online presence. If your intellectual property rights have been infringed upon on the web, there may be recourse available to you through legal action.

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