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Understanding the Madrid Protocol

While many individuals seek trademark protection exclusively in the United States, many individuals may want protection in other countries which can be accomplished through an international application. Through the Madrid Protocol, individuals are able to seek trademark registration in any of the countries that have joined the protocol. The application process for this protection is often simple and can provide numerous benefits to individuals who want to protect their marks in more countries than the United States.

Benefits of an International Trademark

Although a registered trademark in the United States provide protection in the states, it does not guarantee trademark protection in any other country. Benefits of registering a trademark internationally include:

  • Knowing that your trademark is not being used around the world
  • Makes extending your business into international markets easier
  • Ability to apply for protection in over 85 countries
  • Renewing trademark protection internationally is simple

Many individuals can overlook the value of registering their trademark internationally, leaving their work up for illegal use by other individuals. Not only can this decrease the value of the mark, but can impact creators financially when it hurts their business. With such immense implications, it is often important for individuals to understand the Madrid Protocol and seek out an international trademark application in some cases.

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