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British Airways files patent on ‘digital pill’ to monitor in-flight needs of passengers

The United Kingdom’s flag carrier, British Airways, has patented a pill that seeks to gauge passengers’ in-flight satisfaction levels.

An airline passenger usually must wait for flight attends to pass them before their needs are catered to. As such, one may currently find themselves too cold or dehydrated, simply because the flight attendant may have trouble noticing gestures intended to catch their attention.

However, British Airways’ services are expected to improve immensely with their filing of a patent in the first week of December that aims to make the cabin crew aware of each passenger’s in-flight requests. In the 24-page patent application, this ingestible sensor will help flight attendants “provide water when the passenger is determined to be dehydrated, offer a blanket when the detected temperature is determined to be below a predefined and/or preferred threshold, and not to disturb or wake up for a scheduled meal based on the determined sleep phase of the passenger”.

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