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Chinese national arrested on allegations of trade secret theft

Forty-two-year-old Chinese national Mo Yun, who federal prosecutors believe is part of a group planning to steal trade secrets from United States seed corn companies, was released from prison after posting a $250,000 bond, the Associated Press reported on July 22.

To deter her from fleeing the country, Judge Robert Pratt ordered that she be monitored by a GPS bracelet. She is not allowed to leave Iowa and must remain in a designated house between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. everyday. Although the defense believes the evidence against Mo is thin, the intellectual property she is accused of stealing is worth more than $500 million.

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Former Air Liquide employee indicted for trade-secret theft

Mattias Tezock, a former chemical engineer at Air Liquide, was indicted in a federal court in Dallas for his alleged involvement in trade-secret theft.

Tezock is said to have taken information on how to produce and purify germane, a gas used in the semiconductor industry. He allegedly used the information to open his own company that deals with the same gas.

In an e-mail sent by Tezock’s defense attorneys, they said that after leaving Voltaix, Tezock applied and was given the patent for germane production and purification. This move has received no opposition from Air Liquide SA until this month’s charge, the defense said.

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ZeniMax sues Oculus for intellectual property violations

Video game publisher ZeniMax Media Inc. filed a lawsuit against technology company Oculus VR in the Dallas federal court late this May for allegedly using intellectual property material owned by the former in Oculus VR’s invention of a virtual reality device, de zeen magazine reported on May 28.

According to the lawsuit, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey obtained technical assistance from John Carmack, a former employee of ZeniMax. ZeniMax said Carmack used information he learned from the company to contribute to the Oculus Rift computer coding and technology. ZeniMax is also suing because Oculus allegedly violated a non-disclosure agreement.

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Former Texas Instruments employee not found guilty of trade secrets theft

In late March, Ellen Chen Yeh, a former employee of Texas Instruments, was found not guilty of trade secrets theft on all counts.

The charges stemmed from the FBI seizing a flash drive on which several documents and files containing information about Texas Instruments from Yeh in 2005 while she was traveling to China. In 2008, Yeh was charged with “three counts of knowingly stealing and misappropriating TI trade secrets.” Upon returning to the U.S. in 2013, Yeh began her trial in early March, 2014.

It was argued that Yeh had the documents and information in order to be prepared for any future employment at Texas Instruments.

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