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Core Wireless Licensing wins patent infringement case against LG Electronics

South Korean electronics company LG Electronics Inc. was found guilty of infringing on two smart phone patents that were owned by Core Wireless Licensing.

One of the patents in discussion covers the technology that seeks to improve smart phone battery life. The award for past damages was based on the royalty that should have been given to the inventors of said patents. In this case, the inventors were Finnish multinational technology company Nokia Corp. engineers Benoist Sebire and Jyri Suvanen and the royalties are equivalent to 6 cents per unit. The amount covers sales after the release and sales of LG smart phones that have the said technologies. CEO John Lindgren of Conversant Intellectual Property Management, the parent company of Core Wireless, welcomed the development, saying he is thankful the jury saw the need to defend the rights of the Nokia inventors.

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