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Eastern District of Texas cracking down on patent trolls

The Eastern District of Texas is on the move to crack down on nuisance lawsuits filed by patent troll companies, which are companies that try to enforce patent rights beyond the patent’s actual value or worth.

Retired District Judge Leonard Davis, who served in the Eastern District of Texas between the years 2002 and 2015, said: “The district has been the poster child for the ‘troll problem’. I think the ‘troll problem’ would exist even if we weren’t around.” Washington trade groups have been asking Congress to amend rules on where intellectual property lawsuits can be filed to lessen the number of cases held in Texas.

Also, judges have analyzed cases served by these “troll” companies against multinational firms. For instance, Judge Rodney Gilstrap dismissed infringement claims against Dell Inc. and Apple Inc. in September 2016. Iris Connex LLC, filed the suits against the tech companies and ruled it is not possible that the giant firms used Iris Connex’s camera technology.

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