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Former Olympic skater Debi Thomas now broke

The 1986 figure skating World Champion and 1988 Olympic bronze medalist Debi Thomas is now broke and living in a trailer. She appeared on the final episode of “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” a popular show that airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network, and gave details of her life story in an interview.

After her success as a figure skater, Thomas became an orthopedic surgeon. Thomas opened her own practice and ran the business for two years, but she was forced to close the doors after a serious financial blow caused by two divorces. Her first divorce, she explained, happened because of her former husband’s inability to deal with her fame and success. The second resulted in a legal battle that left her unable to recover financially and keep her practice running.

While Thomas is working to get her finances back on track, her story serves as an example that even successful individuals can suffer the extreme consequences of unexpected financial hardships. At the law offices of Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., in Forth Worth, our attorneys help clients deal with overwhelming debt through bankruptcy. To discuss your options today, call (214) 824-1414.