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Assisting With International Patent Applications

In today’s international marketplace, many inventors and businesses wish to compete at a global level. In order to begin the process of protecting their inventions abroad, individuals and businesses should consider filing an international patent application.

There is no such thing as an “international patent” that provides legal protection for an invention in all countries of the world. However, an “International Application” can be filed through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). When this application is filed, one filing date is established.

While the patent application is pending, the applicant can determine in what countries to pursue patent protection. While ultimately, patent protection for the invention must be pursued in each individual country that is designated, the PCT application provides the applicant with additional benefits that would not otherwise exist.

One benefit of filing an international patent application is that the applicant is provided more time to decide which countries to designate. Generally, under a PCT application, an applicant is given 30 months to designate countries in which to pursue patent protection as opposed to a 12-month deadline or non-PCT applications.

Whether you are a U.S. inventor looking to file a PCT application, or if you are a foreign inventor or company looking for help with the U.S. national stage patent application, a lawyer from our Dallas, Texas, law firm can help. We can explain the requirements, application process, and timeline involved. And we are here to answer any questions that arise along the way.

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