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- Titus 3:13

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Dallas Patent Litigation

At Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., the assistance we provide goes beyond just helping you obtain a patent; we are available to help enforce your patent rights in court against an infringer. Additionally, if a patent infringement case is brought against you, we can help defend you and your rights.

Our lawyers have several decades of litigation experience, which provides peace of mind to clients, assuring them that their case is in the hands of competent and skilled advocates who are fighting for them. We will pursue a strong legal strategy to help protect and defend your intellectual property rights. Contact our office in Dallas, Texas, to learn how we can help.

Patent Infringement Litigation

Are you a patent holder who believes another person or entity has infringed on your patent?

We can evaluate your case and help you determine your legal options. We devise and pursue legal strategies that best protect your legal rights. Depending on the facts of your case, we may send or respond to a cease and desist letter on your behalf, or we may immediately file a lawsuit.

In either case, it is advisable to work with an attorney who has specific experience in intellectual property litigation. Not all attorneys do. We have sued both large and small companies for patent infringement and have obtained favorable outcomes for our clients.

Using any legal means available, our ultimate goal is to protect your patented property or defend you if you are wrongfully accused of patent infringement.

Patent Infringement Defense

Are you being sued for patent infringement?

Allegations of patent infringement are a serious matter. It is important to speak to an attorney about your situation to determine a course of legal action. In an effort to minimize costs for our clients, we dive deep and counsel our clients on the various legal options available. This may involve negotiating with the other party outside of court or taking other means to achieve an out-of-court settlement. Also, it may involve aggressively fighting for our clients’ rights in court.

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If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation to discuss your Texas patent infringement case, please call us at (214) 317-4448 or toll free at 888-312-1750.