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Solaria files lawsuit against GCL Solar Energy for alleged IP theft

Solar panel manufacturer Solaria is claiming that Hong Kong-based GCL Solar Energy, a subsidiary of GCL-Poly Energy Holdings, infringed upon their proprietary technology – which is backed by more than 100 patents – to create their solar modules.

Solaria further said that the Superior Court of the State Court of California issued a temporary restraining on Monday, September 26 to stop GCL from further using their technology. The order also stops GCL from disclosing any confidential information they obtained from Solaria.

In a statement, Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma said, “GCL misappropriated Solaria IP, technology, and manufacturing processes for its own use, in violation of our non-disclosure agreement. The investigation into this intellectual property theft is ongoing, and we will take appropriate action, including bringing in additional parties to the lawsuit if warranted, in order to protect our business interests.”

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