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Sony warns media not to publish hacked e-mails

David Boies, a lawyer under the employ of Sony Pictures Entertainment, told media organizations on December 15 not to use information about the company recently leaked by hackers, or else face a lawsuit, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The content of the Sony data includes employment files, studio financial records, and some email exchanges between Hollywood executives regarding in-house gossip about President Barack Obama, other Hollywood celebrities, and some of the industry’s up and coming films.

Boies said that Sony’s “stolen information,” which has been made public over the Internet, should be destroyed as soon as possible because they are of a sensitive and private nature. He added that the studio has the right to sue for damages related to its intellectual property or trade secrets.

Boies said the company will consider legal action if any organization “used or disseminated” materials from the emails “in any manner,” a notice which it also made clear to The New York Times in a letter, the newspaper said Sunday.

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