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Inventors at Tel Aviv University’s Ramot sue Cisco for patent infringement

Ramot, a limited liability company which serves as Israel’s Tel Aviv University’s technology transfer company, filed a lawsuit against California-based Cisco Systems, Inc. on Wednesday, November 5 for allegedly infringing on the patents that the company already has. The patent inventors and plaintiffs listed as Yossef Ehrlichman, Ofer Amrani, and Shlomo Ruschin, were said to be connected with TAU’s School of Electrical Engineering.

Ramot claims to handle a portfolio of over 2,200 patents and patent applications all over the world, and over 350 patents in the United States and over 300 U.S. patent applications.

The patents under contention are:

  • U.S. Patent No. 8.044.835 issued Oct. 25, 2011 for a linearized optical digital-to-analog modulator; and
  • U.S. Patent No. 8.797.198 issued Aug. 5, 2014 for another linearized optical digital-to-analog modulator.

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