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Entrepreneur sues Uber over claims of stealing trade secrets

Kevin Halpern founded Celluride Wireless, Inc., in 2002 with the aim of matching limousine and black-car drivers to passenger clients through mobile technology. Over a decade later, he is filing a lawsuit against Uber for allegedly stealing trade secrets to create the now $41 billion company, according to the Recorder on May 14.

The lawsuit names Uber chief executive officer Travis Kalanick, Uber co-founder Garrett Camp, and other early Uber investors. The lawsuit alleges that Uber took the concept directly from Celluride.

Halpern is seeking $1 billion in lost profits, as well as additional punitive damages. Uber has so far denied the claim.

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Apple must award $532.9M to Smartflash LLC for patent infringement

Tyler, Texas-based innovative technology development and licensing company Smartflash LLC was given a $532.9 million award by a jury in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas after it was ruled that Apple Inc. infringed on three of their patents, AG-IP-News reported on February 26.

Apple Inc. was proven to have willfully infringed on various Smartflash patents to create the technology that led to the production, marketing, and selling of products such as the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad.

Three patents from Smartflash’s patent portfolio were examined in the case; the technology regarded devices and methods for data storage and accessing data through electronic payment systems.

Apple reportedly earned $43.4 billion from sales of these devices to people who purchased them for the functionality that involved infringement.

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