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Thousands of Dallas Buyers Club pirates nationwide are being sued

The Dallas Buyers Club, LLC has been actively suing individuals who have been illegally pirating copies of their Oscar-winning film, without paying licensing fees, through peer-to-peer sharing programs like BitTorrent.

Nearly 3,000 individuals nationwide have recently been targeted with federal copyright lawsuits. Dallas Buyers Club is seeking damages, attorney’s fees, and the impound of all “the infringing copies”.

The movie group’s attorney, Keith Vogt, said suits have been filed in federal courts in Texas, Michigan, and Wisconsin, among many others.

The accused were not named in the lawsuit; rather, their internet protocol (IP) addresses. As such, it is more difficult to prove who exactly downloaded the material because more than one individual could be using one IP address.

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Former Air Liquide employee indicted for trade-secret theft

Mattias Tezock, a former chemical engineer at Air Liquide, was indicted in a federal court in Dallas for his alleged involvement in trade-secret theft.

Tezock is said to have taken information on how to produce and purify germane, a gas used in the semiconductor industry. He allegedly used the information to open his own company that deals with the same gas.

In an e-mail sent by Tezock’s defense attorneys, they said that after leaving Voltaix, Tezock applied and was given the patent for germane production and purification. This move has received no opposition from Air Liquide SA until this month’s charge, the defense said.

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Software firm to pay $391 million for patent infringement

German-based software corporation SAP has not been let off the hook for the $328 million in damages and $63 million in interest  (for a total of $391 million) owed for infringing on two patents owned by Austin, Texas-based software developer Versata Software.

Versata filed the lawsuit against SAP in 2007.

SAP, in a counter-lawsuit against Versata, filed a motion based on a previous judgment from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that says Versata’s patent claims against SAP are invalid.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Roy Payne was not convinced by SAP’s arguments and rejected SAP’s motion.

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