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TransData Inc. patents case strengthened by General Electric rejection

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently denied General Electric’s requests to re-examine TransData Inc.’s smart meter patents, thereby strengthening the latter’s current patent infringement lawsuits against CenterPoint Energy, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, and Oncor Electric, among others, Market Watch reported on March 3.

Sensus USA, Sensus Metering, Telensa Ltd., and M2M Technologies, and other companies currently contain licenses for TransData’s smart meter patent.

TransData Inc. president Trace Gleibs expressed his disappointment that General Electric has “refused to recognize the validity of our patents and accept liability for patent infringement despite the fact that all the final determinations issued by the Patent Office have been in Trans Data’s favor.”

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Westlake students’ invention gets patent

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has patented a robotics remote that the Westlake High School robotics group in Austin has recently developed, according to statesman.com.

The three high school juniors reportedly worked day and night to develop “the chapR,” a device that can be used to operate robotic controllers; in lieu of having to plug in devices to a computer, students can plug the controller into their Bluetooth-ready device. Akshay Prakash, Rachel Gardner, and Ben Gorr applied for the patent in February 2014 and received approval from the patent office this month.

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