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ZeniMax sues Oculus for intellectual property violations

Video game publisher ZeniMax Media Inc. filed a lawsuit against technology company Oculus VR in the Dallas federal court late this May for allegedly using intellectual property material owned by the former in Oculus VR’s invention of a virtual reality device, de zeen magazine reported on May 28.

According to the lawsuit, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey obtained technical assistance from John Carmack, a former employee of ZeniMax. ZeniMax said Carmack used information he learned from the company to contribute to the Oculus Rift computer coding and technology. ZeniMax is also suing because Oculus allegedly violated a non-disclosure agreement.

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CopyTele subsidiary sues AT&T for patent infringement

CopyTele Inc.’s subsidiary, Encrypted Cellular Communications Corp. (EC3) recently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against multinational telecommunications corporation AT&T Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, AG-IP News reported on May 7.

The lawsuit is the sixth filed by CTI regarding patent assertion since January, when they implemented their new business model. CTI is claiming that AT&T is using its encrypted cellular communications technology for profit, billing its customers a one-time activation fee of $115 per device and requiring monthly charges of $39.99, on top of data and wireless charges.

According to a 2012 University of California in Berkeley report, telecommunication companies will take advantage of the fact that encryption technology systems are becoming more in demand by charging incremental activation fees and service charges, not to mention declaring higher prices for encryption-based hardware and software.

CTI upholds inventors’ rights through patent monetization and patent assertion.

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