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Salt Lick files lawsuit against Georgia company for trademark dispute

Central Texas barbecue company The Salt Lick, which has locations in Round Rock and Driftwood is suing Georgia-based Salt Lick Sausage Co. for violation of the former company’s trademark properties.

In the lawsuit, Salt Lick argues that the Salt Lick Sausage Co.’s use of the term “salt lick” was in fact in violation of the registered trademark by the restaurant, as the term was coined to serve as description for the restaurant’s sauce, noting that the Salt Lick Sausage Co.’s use of the name “will allow defendant to receive the benefit of the goodwill and the recognition build up at great labor and expense by Salt Lick…and will allow defendant to gain acceptance for its goods and services based solely not on defendant’s own merits but also on the reputation and goodwill of Salt Lick”.

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