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Salt Lick files lawsuit against Georgia company for trademark dispute

Central Texas barbecue company The Salt Lick, which has locations in Round Rock and Driftwood is suing Georgia-based Salt Lick Sausage Co. for violation of the former company’s trademark properties.

In the lawsuit, Salt Lick argues that the Salt Lick Sausage Co.’s use of the term “salt lick” was in fact in violation of the registered trademark by the restaurant, as the term was coined to serve as description for the restaurant’s sauce, noting that the Salt Lick Sausage Co.’s use of the name “will allow defendant to receive the benefit of the goodwill and the recognition build up at great labor and expense by Salt Lick…and will allow defendant to gain acceptance for its goods and services based solely not on defendant’s own merits but also on the reputation and goodwill of Salt Lick”.

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$15.7M won in patent infringement case against Samsung

Pennsylvania-based business technology company Rembrandt Wireless Technologies LP has been awarded by a Texas federal jury $15.7 million after ruling that South Korean multinational electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. had infringed on their patent rights regarding two Rembrandt patents covering Bluetooth technology.

Rembrandt filed the lawsuit against Samsung and Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company Blackberry Ltd. in 2013. Blackberry settled with Rembrandt before the trial occurred. According to Rembrandt, its two patents for Bluetooth enhanced data rate inventions were copied by Samsung and used as features on its Galaxy S phones. Representatives for Rembrandt says that “justice has been done here” since their client’s inventions were what made Samsung’s Bluetooth technology possible. They also say that they expect Samsung to appeal, but they have full faith that the decision will be upheld.

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Houston lawyer sues rival for violating his trademark

Houston, Texas criminal defense lawyer Tyler Flood filed a trademark infringement complaint on Friday, September 26 against the Law Offices of Mark Hull in Austin.

In the lawsuit, Flood said that Hull’s firm violated his trademark, DoNotBlow.com, which he started using in 2006 to advertise his legal services. He reportedly registered with the United States Trademark and Patent Office in 2013.

Flood claims that he came up with the idea to use a URL to advise potential clients. He also notes in the complaint that Hull 1) uses a exceedingly similar URL: Dontblow.com 2) began his practice three years after Flood was established, and 3) uses a very similar rhetorical strategy with his website content. Flood claims that it is an infringement on his rights and the similarities are causing confusion. The legal action was taken after requests to remove the site were ignored.

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Airlines file lawsuits against clubs for intellectual property violations

American Airlines, Inc., and Delta Air Lines, Inc., have filed separate lawsuits against a network of vacation clubs that allegedly misappropriated their names or logos to gain membership, The Dallas Morning News reported on September 19.

These airlines said the network of vacation clubs have blatantly misused their names, often to deceive the public and scam money.

The American Airlines lawsuit, which was filed in a Texas district court, alleged that the airline’s intellectual property was used on mass-mailed postcards and letters and was used to trick customers into thinking they won round-trip tickets.

One of the defendants in the Delta lawsuit, Curtis Lemley, is the owner of three companies, Nationwide Travel Promotions, King Travel Promotions, and American Travel Suppliers, all of which are being sued by the airline.

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