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- Titus 3:13

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My wife and I purchased a new upscale dream house in 2001 located in Rockwall, Texas. Shortly after moving my family into our new home, we received an odd notice in the mail informing us that our primary mortgage loan had been purchased by what we soon discovered to be an unscrupulous “predatory” mortgage lender. Suddenly, the joyful experience of our new dream home became a nightmare. Immediately following a professional recommendation, I quickly sought the legal advice from Mr. Jack Peacock, Attorney at Law. Mr. Peacock and his power-team of professional attorneys quickly determined that my wife and I had fallen victim to a dishonest and illegal mortgage lending scam. Mr. Jack Peacock is incredibly intelligent and gifted in his knowledge of the law and very savvy of delicate legal issues and courtroom proceedings. Watching Mr. Peacock in Court representing our case against the dishonest mortgage company was pure legal artistry. Yes, we won!