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International Trademark Registration

If you are an individual or business interested in protecting your trademark in other countries, you should consider filing an international trademark application.

The law office of Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., represents individuals and businesses in the United States who are looking to protect their intellectual property on a global level. We walk clients through every step of the application process, ensuring that the proper legal steps are taken to fully protect your property. Contact an attorney from our Dallas, Texas, law firm to learn how we can help.

Madrid Protocol Applications

Through the Madrid Protocol, an individual or company can begin the process of seeking trademark protection in several countries with one single application. This protection is available in participating countries only. We can help you prepare and file a Madrid Protocol application and help address any issues that may arise during the process.

Pursuing international trademark protection outside the auspices of the Madrid Protocol can be a complex, lengthy, and costly process. One of the advantages of filing a trademark application under the Madrid Protocol is that the applicant is afforded one filing date for the application in which the applicant can claim benefit when pursuing registration in other countries.

Under the Madrid Protocol, the applicant designates the countries in which it wishes to seek trademark protection. Currently, there are around more than 85 participating countries/regions around the world.

Additionally, renewing trademark registration is relatively straightforward in the Madrid Protocol system.

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