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Voltage Pictures involved in multiple copyright infringement cases, both as plaintiff and defendant

Voltage Pictures, the company that was given permission to pursue thousands of Australians for infringing on the Dallas Buyers Club copyright by illegally downloading the film, is currently facing its own lawsuit for copyright infringement over an adaptation of the film Godzilla in its upcoming movie Colossal, according to ZDNet on May 20.

Japan-based Toho, the owner of the copyright of Godzilla, said in a lawsuit filed in May that a scene in Colossal which depicted Anne Hathaway being attacked by a monster in Tokyo is similar to a scene in Godzilla when the monster attacks a random woman.

As for developments regarding Voltage Pictures’ hunt for the online copyright infringers, Australian internet service provider iiNet Ltd. has announced that starting on May 19, Voltage can send letters to the internet customers who participated in the illegal downloading of the film.

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