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Dealing with Sublease Disputes

Landlords and tenants can sometimes become involved in particularly hostile arguments in order to protect their own best interests. Both parties have certain responsibilities, but unfortunately not everyone upholds these obligations dutifully. In certain situations involving disputes between landlords and tenants, the best option for everyone may be for the tenant to move out from his or her dwelling and sublease. In these cases, it is crucial that the sublease agreement is properly drawn up in order to protect the interests of everyone involved.

Common Issues with Subletting

Generally, the process of subleasing or subletting a dwelling involves the current tenant finding a new person to move in and take over rent payments. However, the following are a few very common legal issues with subletting when the original renter finds the subletter:

  • The original lease does not permit the tenant to sublease.
  • The subtenant may fail to make rent payments.
  • The subtenant may damage the property.
  • The original tenant may lose his or her deposit due to the subtenant’s behavior or treatment of the property.

Dealing with sublease issues can be complicated, as many of the rules and expectations may not be clearly outlined and multiple parties are involved. For these reasons, it could be in your best interest to seek the advice of an experiences attorney when dealing with lease disputes.

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