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- Titus 3:13

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“It is my testimony unequivocally that in every dealing I had with your law firm, I found both the lawyers and employees to be very professional, respectful and meticulous in their case preparations as well as being punctual. I will not hesitate to refer any of my friends to your law firm.” – E.I.

“If you are facing foreclosure I would highly recommend the law firm of Gagnon, Peacock and Vereeke. This team of lawyers was able to stop the foreclosure action by our lender and provide us the time that we needed to find additional financing and also negotiated a reduction in our principal and was able to get all late fees refunded to us. We tried on our own to work with our lender but we quickly saw that we needed an attorney who had the expertise to deal with aggressive lenders. You will not be disappointed if you select this law firm.” – P.Z.

“From the minute we met with an attorney at Gagnon, Peacock, Vereeke, we knew we were in the best hands to take on our case – attempted foreclosure from our former mortgage lending company. Not only have the attorneys at that firm consistently demonstrated their keen understanding of our case from a legal standpoint, they also have extensive real estate law expertise, which made for a winning combination in our subsequent litigation. And their staff is terrific to work with! Thank you for your superior representation to save our home!” – B.C.

“My wife and I purchased a new upscale dream house in 2001 located in Rockwall, Texas. Shortly after moving my family into our new home, we received an odd notice in the mail informing us that our primary mortgage loan had been purchased by what we soon discovered to be an unscrupulous “predatory” mortgage lender. Suddenly, the joyful experience of our new dream home became a nightmare. Immediately following a professional recommendation, I quickly sought the legal advice from Mr. Jack Peacock, Attorney at Law. Mr. Peacock and his power-team of professional attorneys quickly determined that my wife and I had fallen victim to a dishonest and illegal mortgage lending scam. Mr. Jack Peacock is incredibly intelligent and gifted in his knowledge of the law and very savvy of delicate legal issues and courtroom proceedings. Watching Mr. Peacock in Court representing our case against the dishonest mortgage company was pure legal artistry. Yes, we won!” – M.J.

“I am a known established DallasHomebuilder/Developer with over 200 transactions. To me, this boutique moderate sized law firm and their support staff is 5-star rated. They should be on the JD Powers list.

I am currently using Mr. Peacock and his attorneys as a Plaintiff. I have used their past services on 2 other litigating matters requiring defensive and counterclaim strategies and received settlement to both in cases that exceeded my expectations.Should their defensive or offensive settlement procedures not get you a reasonable result,they are NOT afraid to go to court and fight for you.” – C.G.

“My family has been a client of this law firm for over 10 years. Thanks for your High level of trust and Integrity.” – J.S.

“You guys did an incredible job and far exceeded our expectations. Jack, without you and your incredible staff, I don’t know that we would still own our home. We have now been current on our mortgage for over two years and have that predatory lender out of our lives. Thank you for everything.” – M.O.

“Job loss and health issues and that’s all it took to for us to fall behind in our finances.My husband and I had been living in our home over 13 years with our three young boys when hard times hit.Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, our mortgage company wrongfully foreclosed on our home.This is when we were referred to Gagnon & Peacock.Gagnon and Peacock is a firm built on integrity with a team of attorneys that understand the law and know how to enforce your rights.I admit we were scared we would lose our home, but once Gagnon and Peacock agreed to represent us, we were informed every step of the way during the process, were always made aware of the next step and had open dialogue with staff members and legal counsel.What really stood out for us is when we saw one of the most senior attorneys in the firm, Jack Peacock, work tirelessly overseeing the firm’s portfolio ensuring quality well prepared legal work to be done on every case . I would recommend anyone with legal needs to reach out to Gagnon and Peacock. Its not only a team of highly skilled attorneys, but a team of legal experts who deliver results.Our gratitude to Gagnon and Peacock always.” – M.A.

“I am very pleased with all the services provided to me by Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke.

I struggled for a number of months not knowing where to turn or what to do about my legal battles regarding wrongful foreclosure. Once I was introduced to Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke my legal battles began moving in a positive direction. I have been well represented by David Vereeke and his staff. I have been kept informed every step of the way and well prepared for mediation, deposition and everything in between.

I have been impressed on each and every encounter with the firm. I have always felt and continue to feel that I am in good hands with Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke. If you are looking to retain one of the best attorneys and law firms in Texas, I highly recommend and endorse Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke.” – J.L.

“We have been represented by Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke for the past 2 years and can say without hesitation that we have been very pleased with our choice. Attorney Laura Pickens has taken the lead in our case and has become an extremely valued asset for us. Jack Peacock and Laura have been supportive and understanding during a frustrating and trying time. We look forward to a successful win.” – M.B.

“We were desperate trying to save our home from foreclosure. A friend referred us to Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, thank goodness. They helped us save our home. They are very professional, efficient and compassionate to their clients Mr. Vereeke, Mr. Peacock and Mrs. Pickens battled for us to get our home back, with success. Anyone with mortgage or foreclosure problems will not go wrong with this firm!” – K.C.

“I want to acknowledge attorney Jack Peacock for his professionalism while handling our family’s difficult case. Our case has been very challenging, stressful and tiresome but we are relieved to have Mr. Peacock and his associates on our side to achieve justice. I would be proud to refer Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke law firm to my family and friends.” – C.D.

“We have been very pleased with your law firm and the manner in which our case has been pursued. Laura Pickens along with Jack Peacock, Jr. have been a pleasure to work with.” – W.B.

“We highly recommend the law firm of Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke. They have always stood by us when we needed them most and most importantly, they saved our home!” – G.M.

“Attorney Jack Peacock came to my family’s rescue when the cards were unjustly and unfairly stacked against us. He is a calm, yet aggressive attorney, who is unrattled by any offense. He is ready to take a worthy case all the way to the Supreme Court, and can win it!” – M.T.

“David Vereeke was literally my David against a financial Goliath. He even came to my house, knowing it was all I had, to see what I was fighting for. He left moved to his core, and with renewed determination & brought me to a Victory.” – P.D.

“The staff and attorneys at Gagnon, Peacock, and Vereeke are kind, courteous, and professional. They helped us keep our home despite overwhelming circumstances. I would recommend them to anyone.” – D.M.

“My family and I highly recommend Mr. Jack .B. Peacock, Jr. for home foreclosure cases. He is very experienced and knowledgeable attorney. My house was foreclosed during loan modification process.During foreclosure auction, the bank had sold my house to Fannie Mae and gave us the notice to vacate.I hired Mr. Peacock’s firm Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C. to help me address this foreclosure situation.Mr. Peacock and his team fought real hard against the bank but the extremely conservative court sided with the bank.We finally had to fight against Fannie Mae.After three and a half years of foreclosure, we were able to buy our house back from Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae did not want to deal with us but Mr. Peacock’s perseverance was very helpful.Thanks God, after a long court battle and mediations Fannie Mae sold the house back to us. Attorney Laura Pickens, Dinah, Brenda, Cecilia, Teresa, Tracy and Ivana were very supportive.” – I.K.

“The Court handles a large mortgage-related docket, and Plaintiffs’ counsel is one of the most diligent counsel.” – Comment from the Court.

“[T]hey’re experts in this area …” – Comment from the Bench in open Court.