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Negligent Contractors

A contractor holds a serious responsibility to during the construction of any building. They are in charge of overseeing the whole construction process, including things like choosing the proper materials and acquiring the necessary permits. Unfortunately, this means that negligent contractors can cause severe safety concerns once a building is constructed. Not only can negligent contractors affect the integrity of a structure, but they can indirectly cause people to be hurt if any aspect of the building is dangerous.

Examples of Contractor Negligence

General contractors are responsible for upholding the standards and expectations of those that hire them from the beginning to end of the project, as well as for following design plans and codes. When a general contractor fails to do this, it can result in dangerous safety issues with the construction of a building that could result in the serious injury of innocent individuals. Negligent contractors perform a number of actions that affect the overall safety of a building or structure, including:

  • Choosing improper materials for construction
  • Hiring inadequate construction workers
  • Not acquiring the proper permits
  • Not properly reviewing building laws
  • Improperly allocating funds
  • Ignoring a safety or code violation

Anyone who is injured from a poorly constructed structure may take legal action to pursue compensation for their suffering, making the assistance of an experienced attorney essential.

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