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Utility Easements

The privacy and security of one’s family is directly related to property rights, making them important to be aware of. Easements are one aspect of property law that allows an outside party access to land that it does not physically own, and they can be granted in different situations to individuals, groups, or companies. Utility easements in particular allow utility companies to access certain parts of land to work on telephone and cable lines, or underground water, sewer or electrical lines.

However, these companies do not actually own the land they are working on, and sometimes a dispute may arise between the property owner and those who have been granted easements. An experienced utility easement attorney can represent the interests of either party in this situation and work tirelessly for a favorable outcome.

Examples of Utility Easements

Most sought after by companies, utility easements oftentimes become sources of dispute. The following list summarizes situations where this type of real estate litigation is relevant:

  • Power companies placing electrical lines
  • Water companies placing pipes
  • Gas companies placing lines
  • Phone or Internet companies placing cables

When utilizing easements, companies must be careful to abide by the legal parameters outlined in their agreement. If they don’t, they may face real estate litigation disputing their rights. If you are involved in an unclear utility easement, the help of an experienced easement dispute attorney can be extremely valuable. Your rights and interests should be protected in every way possible, especially when the security of your property is at stake.

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The attorneys at Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., understand the nuances that surround utility easement agreements and are dedicated to protecting the rights of clients during easement disputes. If you feel your rights are being violated under a utility easement, contact our Dallas/Fort Worth offices at (214) 824-1414 today, and learn more about your legal options.