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Common Difficulties Landlords Face

Conflicts between commercial landlords and tenants can occur for a variety of reasons. Checking a tenant’s background can only do so much to prevent problems. Sometimes problematic tenants make it through a screening process despite a landlord’s best efforts to prevent it. Further, it can be difficult to evaluate whether a tenant will break a lease or not.

Problems Facing Landlords

There is a great deal of trust involved when a landlord rents a property to a tenant. When an issue causes problems in the landlord-tenant relationship, seeking legal council may be necessary. Settling a dispute with your tenant with the support of experienced attorneys can help ensure no party wrongly manipulates or takes advantage of the other. Some common problems landlords face include:

  •  Property damage claims
  •  Failure of tenants to pay regular rent
  •  Illegal subleases
  •  Liability disputes
  •  Refusal to acknowledge eviction

When a tenant violates a lease agreement in any manner, or when an unexpected issue arises, distress and frustration are to be expected. Landlords and tenants should both take these disputes seriously, and the outcome should be fair to both parties. Seeking an attorney’s guidance can help ensure your rights are protected.

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