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Common Real Estate Contract Disputes

A common issue that arises in a real estate litigation case in Dallas, is a contract dispute. The real estate contract is a typically long and detailed form that outlines the rules and conditions of the property. Often, issues arise with either party that causes an individual to seek legal action for any financial loss or other damages. At Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C. our real estate litigation attorneys are familiar with the formats and laws in regard to real estate contracts, and will work hard to protect an individual from contract fraud.

The Elements of a Real Estate Contract

While it is obvious that real estate contracts will vary from place to place, they all must include certain components in order to be legitimate. The terms of a contract include:

  • Purchasing price
  • Date of move in
  • Items included and not included in sale

It is important to note that contracts selling real estate are not required to be in writing, but if you are a buyer of property then it is in your best interest to receive a paper copy. Having tangible proof of the contract is important if either party is pursuing real estate litigation.

Common Real Estate Contract Disputes

A pretty common dispute in a Dallas real estate litigation case is closing cost disagreement. This kind of dispute involves issues with the agreed upon price of the property. However, there are other matters that may arise that cause a party to pursue compensation. Some real estate contract cases that are seen frequently include:

  • Loan fraud
  • Good faith estimates issues
  • Inspection of property
  • Financing conflicts

A contact also includes how the parties should resolve the disputes, one of which is to sue the county court. If you are in a position where you feel that your real estate contract terms were violated, then contacting an attorney is an essential next step.

Contact a Dallas Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Disputes in real estate contracts are common, and if a breach in the documentation is costing you, then contacted a Dallas real estate litigation attorney can be essential in earning you compensation. Contact the offices of Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C. at (214) 824-1414 today.