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Considering Eviction as a Landlord

Many landlords and tenants across the country enjoy amicable relationships that are founded on respect and trust. Unfortunately, there are certain situations in which, despite a landlord’s best efforts, tenants fail to uphold the standards outlined in their lease agreement. As a landlord, you have a reasonable expectation that your tenant will make prompt rent payments and respect the rental property as well as his or her neighbors.

When tenants fail to behave appropriately, these situations frequently result in tense relationships between residents and property managers, and often leave landlords wondering if they have sufficient grounds for eviction.

Reasons a Landlord Might Consider Eviction

Landlords can become serious about eviction for a multitude of reasons. Many of them have to do with the tenant’s lack of respect for both the property and the legal document he or she signed upon moving in. Some of the most common reasons for eviction are:

  • Tenant frequently fails to make rent on time
  • Tenant violates any part of the lease contract
  • Tenant seriously damages property
  • Tenant is conducting illegal activities on the property, such as making or selling drugs

Tenants assume a great deal of responsibility when they sign a lease agreement, and landlords have a right to trust that their tenants will uphold their legal obligations. When a tenant violates this trust, a landlord might see eviction as the best option. However, legal issues often arise when the threat of eviction is raised, leading to legal disputes that require the know-how of experienced real estate attorneys.

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