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Construction Defects

The acquisition of real estate is always a costly maneuver, whether the buyer is a business or an individual purchasing his or her first home. Because of the time and money invested in new property, it is frustrating when the finished product does not adequately present a polished appearance or hold up to necessary safety standards. Real estate litigation may be undertaken in order to hold a construction company or other responsible parties accountable for construction defects in the property you own.

Examples of Defective Construction Work

Negligence in the construction process can lead to poorly designed buildings and even disastrous accidents. Real estate litigation might be necessary if any of the following careless actions are taken by a construction company:

  • Use of inadequate materials
  • Ignoring an unstable foundation
  • Exposed holes or other constructive mistakes
  • Code violations

These are not the only signs of faulty construction work that could incite real estate litigation. Property with construction defects needs to be fixed immediately, and those responsible for the damages should be held accountable for the costs.

Contact a Dallas / Fort Worth Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

If you have found damages on your property that resulted from construction negligence, an experienced legal team can guide you through the process of real estate litigation. To further discuss your situation and whether you are eligible to pursue financial compensation from the responsible party, contact the Dallas / Fort Worth real estate litigation attorneys of Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., today at (214) 824-1414.