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Landlord and Tenant Liability Disputes

While most landlord and tenant relationships are amicable, they can quickly turn volatile when something goes wrong on the property. This is especially true when liability issues arise between a landlord and tenant. Regardless of the issue at hand, the process of determining liability on a property is often complex and frustrating for all individuals involved.

Common Landlord and Tenant Liability Issues

Landlord and tenant disputes involve numerous factors when determining who is at fault for damage or dangerous conditions on the property. Aspects that are often cited when determining liability include:

  • Whether or not the hazard was preexisting
  • Whether or not the landlord knew of the hazard prior to the tenant moving in
  • Whether proof of the hazard exists

While liability issues can be as minor as something breaking on the property, more serious issues such as mold can be part of a liability claim. In addition to many of these hazards being unsafe, they can also be extremely costly and require extensive repairs. Due to this, liability issues between a landlord and a tenant should not be taken lightly, making legal assistance in many of these cases essential.

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