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Recovering Defendants’ Profits after Trade Dress Infringement

Trade dress infringement occurs when an entity copies the commercial image of another company and uses it as its own. This illegal act may lead the targeted company to lost profits and vice versa for the infringing company. Companies who have been victims of trade dress infringement often have the opportunity to seek legal action in order to recover any lost earnings. The intellectual property lawyers at Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C. can help Fort Worth claimants fight to recover defendants’ profits that may have been gleaned through infringement practices.

Recovering Profits of a Defendant

If your attorney is able to prove that the defendant in your case infringed on your company’s trade dress, then you may be able to recover any profits that the defendant enjoyed due to the infringement. This requires your attorney to:

  • Fully understand Fort Worth legal mandates for trade dress issues
  • Fully understand and represent your case faithfully in court
  • Establish proof or reasonable suspicion that infringement occurred

An experienced attorney in Fort Worth should be able to help you fight to recover profits made by a defendant who you believe infringed on your company’s hard-earned commercial image.

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