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Representation for an Oil or Gas Claim

Royalties for oil and gas production can be hard to come by, but this method of profit is only becoming more popular in the Dallas area. Texas in particular is a huge player in the oil and gas industries, so it is not uncommon for a dispute to ignite over claims related to these resources. These claims to ownership, when they become disputes, actually fall under real estate litigation, and you may need the representation of an experienced attorney to help protect what you believe are your rights to gas and oil. Enlist the assistance of Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., for issues regarding the market value royalty claim, marketing claims, or post-production claims for oil and gas.

Why Representation Can Help

Real estate litigation, including oil and gas litigation, can become quite contentious, as there is often a lot of money and numerous people or companies involved in the dispute. Having solid legal representation in such a situation can be critical to your success. An experienced Dallas real estate attorney:

  • Knows the details of real estate law
  • Works on your behalf to research issues surrounding your claim
  • Represents your best interests in court
  • Helps you dispute any changes / amendments to your rights
  • Helps you fully understand your rights as an owner

These are just some of the ways that an attorney in Dallas can benefit you throughout real estate issues regarding oil and gas.

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