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Security Deposit Disputes

When we rent a property from a landlord, it is almost always expected that we will pay a security deposit. Although tenants are often required to pay a fixed amount of cash before the lease begins to cover potential damage, if no substantial damage is made to the property by the time they move out, it is expected that the deposit will be returned. However, security deposit disputes are one of the most common feuds to arise between a tenant and a landlord. Whether the landlord does not return the security deposit or the tenant believes they should be getting a larger amount back, security deposit issues can quickly become serious.

Common Security Deposit Disputes

A number of issues can create a security deposit disagreement between a landlord and tenant, including:

  • The landlord refuses to return the security deposit
  • The security deposit is not enough to cover damages on the property
  • Landlord claims a damage needed to be covered by the security deposit was done by tenant, while tenant claims the problem was preexisting

Security deposit issues can be one of the most costly contract disputes a landlord or tenant can face, with one party often seeking legal action. Regardless of which party you are, legal cases involving security deposits can be frustrating and complicated, making the assistance of an experienced attorney essential.

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