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What is the Federal Circuit of Appeals?

The Federal Circuit of Appeals is a government-run agency located in Washington D.C. It was created in 1982 by Congress, and is actually the only appellate-level court that hears patent cases. Other appellate courts do not deal with patent law, but Dallas business owners should understand that the Federal Circuit of Appeals might be part of their future if they have legal concerns about patents and patent law.

Appealing a patent rejection or patent-related case can be a confusing and complex experience, especially when facing a federal court like the Federal Circuit of Appeals. An experienced intellectual property attorney can help Dallas business owners better understand this process.

Functions of the Federal Circuit of Appeals

In addition to overseeing appeals regarding patent issues, the Federal Circuit of Appeals has various functions. For instance, it oversees cases involving any of the following:

  • Veterans issues
  • Trademark trials
  • International Trade Commission cases
  • Government contracts
  • International trade

This just gives a small sense of the areas that the Federal Circuit of Appeals can oversee, but it functions differently for each case it hears. So for a Dallas business owner or patent holder like you, an experienced intellectual property attorney can be great to have at your side.

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