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What is Typosquatting?

Infringement on intellectual property comes in a variety of forms. Domain name disputes can often result in a violation of intellectual property rights. For example, when someone creates a domain name with common typos in the name of a known franchise with the intent to profit off of that franchise, he or she may be charged with typosquatting. If you have been accused of typosquatting, the legal counsel of experienced domain name lawyers can be critical for a favorable outcome.

Motivations for Typosquatting

The ultimate reason that individuals practice typosquatting is to profit financially. Below are various motivations behind this intellectual property infringement:

  • Use pay-per-click methods to nab users who misspelled the intended domain
  • Learn passwords known only by the intended domain
  • Install viruses, malware or adware to the user’s computer
  • Send visitors to competing sites
  • Receive e-mails directed to the intended domain

These profit-driven motivations violate intellectual property law and are punishable in court. If you have been accused of typosquatting or any other type of cybersquatting, legal representation should be sought out. Because of the murky nature of this online offense, an experienced team of domain name attorneys might be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

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