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McKinney Real Estate Litigation, Intellectual Property, and Bankruptcy Attorneys

The McKinney legal team of Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., is dedicated to protecting the endeavors of individuals and businesses through intellectual property law, real estate law, and bankruptcy law. To learn more about how we may help you with your legal concerns, call our offices in McKinney at (214) 824-1414 today to set up a free initial consultation.

Practice Areas: Intellectual Property

Our McKinney legal team is prepared to provide representation before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the U.S. Copyright Office. We are prepared to assist you with any of the following aspects of intellectual property:

  • Patents – We help McKinney individuals and business owners alike pursue and obtain patents. We also represent clients in cases of patent infringement—whether they are accusing someone of or are being accused of a patent violation.
  • Trademarks – For those who need to register for a trademark in McKinney, our attorneys can guide you throughout the entire process. Furthermore, we may protect your rights when future threats are made against your trademark, or aggressively defend your interests in court if you have been accused of trademark infringement.
  • Copyrights – When applying for copyright protection, our McKinney attorneys may help you prepare a thorough and accurate application, communicate on your behalf with the U.S. Copyright Office, and protect your interests in the event of copyright infringement litigation.
  • Trade Secrets – To protect your competitive edge in McKinney, our firm offers comprehensive representation when your trade secrets are threatened or, conversely, when a party accuses you of stealing trade secrets.
  • Licensing – Entrust our McKinney intellectual property team with the negotiation and preparation of your license, as well as the continued protection and enforcement required to preserve your interests. In the event of a licensing dispute, our McKinney attorneys may represent you whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant.
  • Domain Name Disputes – We may guide you through arbitration proceedings regarding the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), as well as representation in court for disputes filed under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA).

Practice Areas: Real Estate Litigation

For issues related to real estate law in McKinney, including disputes involving lease agreements, easements, oil and gas royalties and more, our experienced firm can offer arbitration and representation if the issue reaches litigation. Our firm represents those in McKinney who are involved in real estate disputes, such as the following:

  • Wrongful foreclosure – If your home is being threatened with wrongful foreclosure in McKinney, our real estate litigation attorneys may work to protect your property from banks or lenders that are acting in bad faith.
  • Easement disputes – When another party is taking wrongful advantage of their easement agreement, our McKinney firm may hold this person or business fully accountable. We represent both property owners and those with the appropriate rights under an easement.
  • Construction defects / disputes – Our attorneys work to hold McKinney construction companies responsible when defects or negligence results in financial losses for the property owner.
  • Boundary disputes – Legal issues involving boundary disputes in McKinney can become complicated, but our real estate litigation attorneys may offer comprehensive representation to protect your rights throughout any litigation process.
  • Oil and gas royalty disputes – Especially in this period of economic oil and gas growth, the protection of your oil and gas royalties is critical. Enlist the help of our McKinney attorneys when a dispute arises over your rights.
  • Commercial landlord / tenant disputes – We work for the quick resolution of landlord and tenant disputes over the terms of a lease or rental agreement in McKinney.

Practice Areas: Bankruptcy

If you or your business is struggling with overwhelming debt, speak with one of our bankruptcy attorneys in McKinney about how we may help you regain your financial footing. Finally, for the financial protection of McKinney residents and businesses, the McKinney legal team of Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., helps clients understand whether bankruptcy is right for them. There are several possible procedures that may allow you to shake off the burdens of debt so that you may regain financial security.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – This form of bankruptcy allows you to liquidate your assets in order to reduce your debt and may possibly permit you to discharge certain debts.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – This process may allow a business owner to remain in control of his or her business under oversight, and the business may be reorganized to manage its debts.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Under this form of personal bankruptcy, you may restructure your debt in order to reduce what is owed and create a viable plan for repayment.
  • Personal Bankruptcy – Our legal team helps individuals in McKinney who are considering bankruptcy. Discuss your options with one of our attorneys, who can help you understand the benefits of each process.
  • Business Bankruptcy – When your business is struggling with debt in McKinney, bankruptcy may offer a way to save your business from its financial difficulties and begin again with a fresh start.

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The McKinney attorneys of Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., have a wide array of experience helping individuals and businesses through certain legal procedures. If you are struggling with debt, involved in a real estate dispute, or need assistance with intellectual property matters, speak with a member of our dedicated legal team. Call us at (214) 824-1414 today, and learn how we may fight to uphold your legal rights and interests.