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Houston lawyer sues rival for violating his trademark

Houston, Texas criminal defense lawyer Tyler Flood filed a trademark infringement complaint on Friday, September 26 against the Law Offices of Mark Hull in Austin.

In the lawsuit, Flood said that Hull’s firm violated his trademark, DoNotBlow.com, which he started using in 2006 to advertise his legal services. He reportedly registered with the United States Trademark and Patent Office in 2013.

Flood claims that he came up with the idea to use a URL to advise potential clients. He also notes in the complaint that Hull 1) uses a exceedingly similar URL: Dontblow.com 2) began his practice three years after Flood was established, and 3) uses a very similar rhetorical strategy with his website content. Flood claims that it is an infringement on his rights and the similarities are causing confusion. The legal action was taken after requests to remove the site were ignored.

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