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Judge sets hearing to determine if technology company should be penalized

Judge Robert Schroeder III in Tyler, Texas has scheduled a court hearing on Oct. 16, 2016 to find out whether attorneys from Dallas’ Buether Joe & Carpenter and their patent infringement plaintiff corporate client, Marshall-based Wireless Remote Systems, should be given disciplinary action for filing a patent infringement claim because the company no longer owns the patent in question.

Winnipeg, Canada-based software company Librestream Technologies will be arguing that Wireless Remote Systems and its attorneys’ behavior “is the very kind that gives the plaintiff’s patent bar a bad name”, that they practice “patent trolling at its worst”, and that their schemes “should not be tolerated in the Eastern District of Texas or anywhere else”.

The Patent Trial and Appeals Board in 2014 ruled that Wireless Remote Systems’ ownership of patents that covered wireless video and audio data remote systems were invalid.

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